Song For Gabriel


                            Song for Gabriel

( Poem by Philip Dodd, included in the chapter called, The City of the Scorpion, in my book, Angel War. The above print, The Fall of Babylon by Gustave Dore, can be seen on the back cover of my book. )

This is my song for Gabriel,
the Angel of the Word,
I’ve sung to you so many times,
this time I may be heard.
I sing to you from fellowship,
past times I sang alone,
but now I can extend my love
to wood and air and stone.
Your golden wings have cradled me,
your voice has made me kneel.
Your actions turn the universe,
your wisdom spins the wheel.

This is my song for Abraham,
the shepherd of mankind,
you led your tribe out from Canaan,
and none were left behind.
O, come, fulfil your prophecies,
and say the war is won.
Must I wait in vales of visions,
and leave my song undone?


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