Light Ships


                 Light Ships

On the far sea horizon,
a mirage of light ships,
a trick of my eye,
for only I can see them.
No human mariners can be on board
such luminous craft,
such unearthly vessels.
High on a mast, beams a lamp,
winks, sends a crystal signal.
Five colours I count,
sapphire, red, green, violet, blue.
Advanced aeroplanes,
silent, otherworldly helicopters,
for a few moments,
in a wider expanse,
circle above them,
vanish with seagull cries.
Suddenly, sand
feels hard beneath my feet,
my body numb, empty,
my eyes clean, certain.
Vision of light ships
swept away by natural cloud,
distraction of waves,
seaweed tangle on the shore.


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