Philip Dodd, Author of Angel War

About Angel War

My name is Philip Dodd. I was born in 1952, live in Liverpool, England, have a degree in English literature from Newcastle University, and I have been writing songs, stories and poems since I was twelve. I began writing what became Angel War in 1986 and I did not finish its final version until September, 2012, so it took me twenty six years to write. It was published as a paperback in April, 2013 by Fast Print Publishing and as an E-book in March, 2014.  On its front cover, there is a print by Gustave Dore, called The Woman and the Dragon, and on its back cover there is a print by the same artist, called The Fall of Babylon.  My book, Angel War, could be described as a work of fantasy fiction, rooted in The Bible. It was chosen as one of the twelve finalists for The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards for 2013 in the adult (fiction) category, I am very pleased to say. It was given a Wishing Shelf Finalist logo and sticker for its cover and a Wishing Shelf Finalist Certificate. On this blog I intend to write more about Angel War, my light-hearted science fiction story, Klubbe the Turkle and the Golden Star Coracle, and my poems, which I intend to publish one day in a collection, called Chimneys and Clouds.



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