Chadwick the Courageous Carp


                             Chadwick the Courageous Carp

Now hear me as I hymn and harp
of Chadwick the courageous carp.
By my newspaper, I was told,
he is two foot long, ten years old.
A chagoi koi carp, his full name,
so from Japan his kind first came.
In an aquatic centre lived he,
in Hampshire, happy as a bee.
Then came the floods, after the rain,
caused by global warming, some explain,
and he was swept from his still lake
with whatever else the floods would take.
His friend, Steve the sturgeon by his side,
he was taken on a tumbling ride,
over roads, industrial estates,
he was hurried with twigs and crates,
till driven in the River Test,
longing for the lake he loved best.
Now seven miles away it lay,
a dog walker saw him at play.
So from the river, he was saved,
his gills and fins he gladly waved.
His keeper came and took him home,
now no more will he need to roam.


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