The Fair Majesty Of Folk At Peace


The Fair Majesty Of Folk At Peace

( Inspired by the life of King Alfred, my poem was published in the Spring 2014 issue of The Dawntreader, a quarterly poetry magazine, published by Indigo Dreams Publishing:
Searching For The Sangreal, my poem inspired by the Quest of the Holy Grail, was published in the Summer 2013 issue of the same magazine, and Windmill and Rainbow, my poem inspired by a painting by Turner, has been accepted for publication in a future issue. )

I will make you of steel,
hammer you on stone,
hang you on the wall,
my sword, to glimmer there, alone,
in hope that war will never come,
that I will never hear the horns,
blasting in far vales,
the beating of the drum,
and I will remain a farming man.

The warrior in the war,
let him fade in the mist,
with the spear in his hand,
the black gloved, hardened fist.
Let me and my fellow villagers,
fish in waters in the marsh.
let winter be our only foe,
snow and ice enough is harsh,
without the hard axe and rough shout
of the marauding bands of villainous men,
who come in long ships, dragon prowed,
over the cold north seas,
to try to take our lands,
to make my wife a widow,
the maker of my last coat,
the weaver of my shroud.

Now Alfred is our lord,
the wise king of Wessex men,
the fair majesty of folk at peace will reign.
The wild boar with his sharpened horn
will not hunt through our woods,
nor will the red serpents of the north
bring battle to our fields again.


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