Streets Speak


                    Streets Speak

Listen hard enough, streets speak
hold you in conversations long gone,
so much was debated, meant something at the time,
mutterings over newspapers:
Can you believe the latest crime?
Who would have thought it?
It broke down last week.
It seems, I only just bought it.
Oh, I know, not worth buying anything cheap.
Only useless things, like ornaments, are made to keep.
Kids eat too much sugar.
They say it’s bad for your teeth.
Don’t know why the Morgans go, to church, I mean.
No wonder they speak of crumbling belief.
Better without it, religion, but I like Christmas, all the same.
This is one of the few roads that wasn’t bombed.
Amazing the others were all done up.
Glorious sunshine, though, after all that rain.
Come in and have a cup.
Just buried the budgie in the back garden.
I’m not getting another one.
Never mind. They don’t live long.
He liked his seed and water, bell and swing.
Come in, and have a scone.
I’ll put the radio on.
Never know who might come on and sing.


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