World Cup Goal


                                World Cup Goal

You got to kick, head, chest, shin
the ball, to get
between the posts, under the bar,
over the line, into the net,
to score a goal,
good for your team,
your heart and soul.
Seems simple now,
had to learn it once,
could not forget.
Listen, your trainers say,
when wedged out the way,
go on and play.
When you must, tackle hard,
avoid a yellow card.
Be calm, all fury fled,
so the referee never shows you red.
Like winged footed Hermes,
race through the defending wall,
score a World Cup goal.
Watch Trojan towers fall,
swim free from the shoal.
Like a deer chased by a lion
over a grassy plain,
show why you diet, why you train,
run on, to score a World Cup goal,
shake the stadium,
like a power chord in rock and roll.
Meander in the centre circle,
then turn and shine,
shoot, a star speeds from the galaxy,
the ball crosses the line,
you score a World Cup goal,
leap high, cart wheel,
in more than sporting ecstasy.
See the colours of your country in the crowd,
never knew the human voice could roar so loud.
Tell the press you never read the press,
what pundits write could not matter less,
but you read what they say,
slyly, in the hotel lobby, anyway.
You dare not do it, dare not lose the game.
If you score a World Cup goal,
they will never forget your name.
Never play to draw, ever play to win,
if you lose, take it on the chin.
Now in the vortex,
the wheels turn round your feet.
Score a World Cup goal,
the mosaic to complete.
Wish all nations could learn
from a World Cup goal,
release a flight of doves,
light a clear blue flame,
for perpetual peace,
everlasting healing of heart and soul.





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