Cedric’s Close Encounter



      Cedric’ Close Encounter

I was sailing round the heavens
when I saw a blush of light,
it was so I found your planet
and it made it worth the flight.

I left my old grey mothership
in a crimson solar storm,
but I’d best soon go back to her
before I come to harm.

I landed only yesterday
on this splendid mountain range.
You’re having a close encounter,
if you’re wondering why I’m strange.

I’ve no idea what’s going on,
I’m as foggy eyed as you.
You’d have to ask the Star Masters,
but they never give a clue.

Well, I’d best be going soon,
wing away in my spaceship.
If you want to come with me,
I could take you on a trip.

If you like you can call me Cedric,
though that’s really not my name.
The Great Plan is not my business,
I don’t play the cosmic game.

Well, let’s go up this tall mountain,
my ship gave a warning beep.
I’ll pretend you are a princess,
and I’ve woken you from sleep.

Say your farewells to your planet,
it looks a pleasant place.
But you will never be lonely,
I’ve got many friends in space.


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