Willy Wart Wandered W Way



              Willy Wart Wandered W Way

Willy Wart wandered W way,
walked wonder woods,
world wrecked wreckage wreathed wreck,
watched worldly worm wrestle wren,
worked writer writ word,
wisely wore weevil waste.

Wasp winked. Wombat wombled.
Whelk whiffed, whale waded,
warned witch, warmed whortleberry wine,
won winnings, whinny wet weddings wedlock,
wee weed whelkin whelp.

Wendy whined when Willy Wart
wedded Winifred.
What womb waste wailed woe.

Wolfram Wolverine, wood wizard,
woke wormwood worm, wyvern wise,
went withershins without withy.

Witness Wendy Windflower,
weekend wrong wimple,
withheld wages, wishy washy,
wisp with Wistaria Wiseacre.

Wallace Windlestraw
wedded Wendy Windsor,
went willowy Wimbledon,
will-o-the-wisp Winchester,
wicker wife, wigwam widower,
whosoever who’dunnit,
wholesome Whitsun Winnie
Windweed Whizz Whitforth,
wedged within whiting whitleather,
Whipsnade whipster whiskey whisker,
whilom whinstone,
was whippet warp whippoorwill,
whisk whence whenever.

Wen Wheatear wronged Willy Wart,
wharfowner whangee,
whacked Welsh wellingtons,
webbed Wednesday wedding weep weather,
wore weasel weeds Wealden wealth,
wax wavy wattle waul wave.

Willhelm Wardour, wardrobe wright,
Waterloo warrior, wench wheedled,
wanderlust warren, wall wired waltz,
wan wampum walleyed
Walloon Wallaroo.
Why wrought wrong wry wrinkle wrist?

Whopping webbed walrus, witty woof,
wave washed wharf.
Whimsy woman washed white wool,
wealthy weapon wean wane.
Wake winds, welkin whelp.

Willy Wart watched wrath wraith
wrangle wrap.
Why wrought wrong wry
windy winsome winnow,
whence whetstone wherry
wrought wrong way
wedge ward what weave?

Walter Wise Waffle,
worked Whitehall,
weighty Westerner,
weekend wine wimp,
waltzed Winnhilda Warpspeed,
wardrobe wide wealthy widow.
Went wallpaper watching,
was wanton windy Wednesday,
whistled, whispered wildebeest,
wholesome whoopee.
Winnhilda whined,
Walter winked,
wrung woven web weirdly wrought.

Wilbert Woodwose, wrinkled wheelwright,
waltzed Winnie Windup, Waitrose worker,
went willow woods whortleberrying,
waked wondrous water wells.
Wordsworthian wanderer,
walked wild wilderness without woe.

Willy Wart waged war with wind wipe,
wattage whacked world Y way.



4 thoughts on “Willy Wart Wandered W Way”

    1. I am very glad you thought Willy Wart Wandered W Way was amazing, Venkat. I wrote it as an experiment, to amuse me, to see if I could write an entire poem in which each word begins with the letter W, parts of it seeming to make sense, other parts making none at all. It makes me laugh, so I was hoping that others would find it funny, too. You may like to read two more Willy Wart poems, which I will be posting here soon. Unlike my first Willy Wart poem, not every word in them begins with the letter W.

  1. Ever since I read the nonsense verse of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear, I have liked the idea of playing with words. Now I have invented the world of Willy Wart, I can go there when I like and invent new tales about him. To do so is a relief and release from my more serious lines. Playing with words helps me to see them with fresh eyes. It is good to hear you like playing with words, too, Venkat. And good luck with your own writing.

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