The Zulug

                                       The Zulug

The zulug waved his proboscis,
in other words his trunk.
In his cave he yawned on a ledge
that served him as a bunk.

He reared his round, rotating ears,
like helicopter blades.
His beetroot scales to keep refreshed
in his black bog he wades.

Outside, monkeys knew about him,
and thought him very wise,
to have kept himself a secret,
unseen by human eyes.

Green parrots were puzzled by him
when he went for a walk,
seemed the oddest in the jungle,
was he who made them squawk.

Enormous hippopotamus
liked him more than mud,
fed him with weeds and cactus seeds,
and watched him chew the cud.

The zulug liked the elephants,
the way they moved around,
but when the human hunter came,
he vanished without sound.





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