Head For The Horizon

                                             Head For The Horizon

Hiker on the high way,
pilgrim on the path,
journey to the next shrine
with your pack and staff.
Do not use your silver knife
to cut the fine line
you had to tighten
and took long to untwine.
Though the cynic wears the crown,
and the joker gets the laugh,
you must not abandon
the truth you seek for,
you cannot let them win,
the conflict creators,
the dead air feeders,
the trapped victims
of volumes of cold violence.
Try to stay tuned in,
keep in contact,
otherwise the builders
will complete the city
with its lofty tower
the Bible calls Babel
with its top above clouds
to mount to heaven.

Head for the horizon,
never raise a roof,
ever in the open,
live to give the proof
you are alive.

Always know your bearings,
keep the freedom code,
happy with your sharings,
walk the open road
with strength to strive.

Head for the horizon.


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