A More Modern Poem

                                        A More Modern Poem

I set myself a task. Why? Do not ask.
To write a more modern poem, advanced verse,
so to start, this line will not end on this line

but on this line. Good. I think I got that right.
Now, of course, I must not tell but show,
that sounds difficult for one who is a pea brained poet

self known I know. Then there’s the problem of rhyme.
A bind to pass by, let go of, abandon
when one line ends with time and the brain

calls for chime, lime or maybe slime. See,
old habits die hard. Then there’s punctuation.
This is important, crucial. No capital

letters some prefer. To me that shows
complete lack of consideration for the reader
those same poets I note punctuate their prose properly

so why is poetry different? no question
marks will not do at least I can fool them
the way this poem

is presented on the page at least it looks
a more modern poem than my usual stuff
more avant-garde elite of course anyone who reads this

will know it is written in jest not truly a poem
at all though it is printed as readers of more modern
poems expect perhaps I ought to say something

profound deep in an obscure way
with oriental overtones quotes in foreign languages
like depression as last legs cod in grey water clouded

at least hint at something deep but really I think
it is just not my way though I know it can be taught
I know really I’ll just carry on the way I do but

at least I tried once to write a more modern poem
like those I have read which usually need at least two
pages of prose by the poets to explain what they meant

but who can argue with such smart folk
with their professorships and slim volumes?
At least I know that Keats did not go

to creative writing classes nor did Milton
or Shakespeare for that matter, so I intend
to continue to learn from the masters and read

the works of other poets like they did
and make sure, like piranhas in pyjamas,
to make certain any alliterative drivel

drains down the grid. No, it is not good
to bite the hand that feeds, better to
plot out your bit of land and plant it with seeds

for you can take a horse to water but
you may return with a camel to your stable
and be unable to feed the buffalo of your kine

not bad for a first try at a more modern poem, I gauge,
still too many full stops and commas punctuate the page
mayhaps it is hard to free myself of helps to the reader

the rhythm of thought and speech. Poetry only ever
had a limited appeal, accepting that, do more modern poets
endeavour to make it more limited still?

better end this ramble I plunged for a gamble
came out the cryptic casino with no winnings
the wheel still in spin at the end of the line I begin


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