Avant-Garde Verse Attempt Number 416

                                       Avant-Garde Verse Attempt Number 416

inverted cow pat
run over by tractor wheel

no, too clear, concrete,
descriptive, rural

not existential enough
obscured by shadow and cloth
even a dull lit lamp bulb
attracts a moth

no, can’t have rhyme
perhaps try again another time
simply won’t do
just as bad as my other
avant-garde verse attempts

like a bull elephant with a belly ache
there is only so much pain a poet can take
so much angst and sturm and drang he can fake

let us consider our frailties
indigest our faults
fast spin on time’s merry go round
until it halts

there, better end now

Man on a train in torment,
knows he cannot return
the pair of stockings he bought for his girlfriend
to the department store,
even though he is sure he asked for the wrong size.
To ask once was enough of a purgatory,
to return them and ask for another pair
would be to descend to inferno,
even if to get to the floor
he would need to go up in a lift.
From one humid humiliation to another,
the man on the train must drift.


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