Winter Wolf

                                    Winter Wolf

Ask me a question
and there’s nothing I’ll deny.
Whatever I admit to
could be more than half a lie.
There’s no true deception
for persons in a play,
all speaking speculation,
for truth is hid away.

I stood by a weir,
watching water over stones,
as love will stir the body
to the heart all through the bones.
A chance chain of circles
was dancing round a loop,
and when the light grew certain,
I saw my shadow stoop.

Why reason for truth
when too often life has lied?
Sad for every sailor drowned,
over waves the sea gulls cried.
Walls mirror reflections
of chances never took.
Voices call in the wind
the fields of barley shook.

When the winter wolf
has gone loping to his lair,
and there’s blossoming branches,
and the bird song fills the air,
if I should come out looking,
will you be waiting there,
smile with a skip in your step,
and the wind in your hair?


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