Spiderman 33

                                       Spiderman 33

What a movie that was, Spiderman 33.
It was better than Star Trek 55.
I’m glad to see you agree,
made me feel good to be alive,
gave me hope that we would survive.
It was our kind of interstellar romance,
our kind of super hero mystery.
They’re finally free of those old comic books,
now they’ve gone for parallel history.

Your hair was blond then,
now you’ve dyed it brown,
I felt like the luckiest super villain,
riding round the town.
I had my Bat Mobile,
could not believe my life was real.
There were no secrets, nothing to conceal.

They closed down the old joint,
so we built another one,
with the help of some super hero friends,
now they’ve all come and gone,
but we still have our memories,
moving on the silver screen.
We found our Atlantis,
our fortress of solitude,
our bat cave of bat gadgets,
our light sabres to keep the cosmos clean.

Play that blues piano, Joker,
play it way down low.
Who needs the skills of Superman,
when we’re sat at our table,
and you touch your glass and glow?

Remember when time travel was just a theory
and we had yet to get to Mars?
Our grandchildren still laugh
when we say we drove round in cars.
When they speak of vacations,
they mean a flash out to the stars.

Remember when you wore your hair
like a black helmet,
and were glad you never got it wet,
and you told them in that fancy restaurant
that you’d just come off stage,
playing Brunhilda in Wagner’s Ring,
and that old man believed you,
maybe it was just his age,
and asked you, seriously, to sing,
but the waiter would not allow it,
much to my relief,
because I wanted to eat there again,
but I know you would have done it,
though your voice could out bray a mule,
you never minded looking like a fool.

What a movie that was, Spiderman 33.
Wonder when they’ll make the next one?
We evolve, grow, so we go, strive to be,
what was lost was never gone.


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