The Middle Way

                                                            The Middle Way

No, don’t go, not that way,
that way leads dark and down
to lands of strangers gone astray,
they the masked monarch rules
in stolen robe and paper crown,
no, only  danger lies that way.

The high way for the few
who knew what moves to play.
Without wings, still they flew,
new things they found to say.

The middle way I advise.
No, that is not compromise,
but from the writings of the wise.
And as you journey down that narrow path,
you can look on either side,
to see what becomes of those
who live by lust and pride,
but do not look too far behind,
and never too far below,
your only treasure in your mind,
find pleasure in what you come to know.

Yes, now go, that’s your way.
Always there’s joy when a pilgrim finds his path,
take your book, your lamp, your staff.
Be merry on your way, smile and laugh.
Only you can see it, the path you follow.
Though the winter hawk may swoop down
upon the summer swallow,
acknowledge it with a nod, your path,
feel near to heaven, close to God,
this is the path the ancients trod.


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