Lamp of the Ark

                                           Lamp of the Ark

Seems I must learn to work with wood,
thought Noah, to build the ark,
to float on the flood.
Days grew dim, nights more dark,
he fashioned a lamp,
to shine in the ark,
red jewel, bright garnet,
pomegranate seed that glowed.
In an iron bracket, he hung it,
high in the hold,
beamed from a roof rafter,
made timber gold.
Cherry light it shed,
line and corner showed,
bird and beast, no longer blind,
could find feed.
Though outside, it was rain pelt,
wave lash, utter dark,
inside the ark, the lamp he made,
lit the way through the flood,
ruby torch, sapphire beacon,
until moored on Ararat,
he opened a window,
to witness, after the flood,
the rainbow.
Told his sons, Ham and Shem,
when you are troubled,
whatever winds may blow,
and all around is dark,
remember the flood,
and the lamp of the ark.

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