Barnaby Brittle

Barnaby Brittle

Baranaby Brittle knew how to whittle,
he grew to play skittle and ball.
He blew sore for Jane Straggledor,
like a hen, she flew from his call.

Jeremy Sullen wore what was woollen,
told Barnaby not to be down,
for of the same age was Belinda Page,
she was all in the rage in the town.

He met Belinda, cold as a cinder,
and told her of Jane Straggledor.
She did not hinder or care a flinder,
like wind, he was left pauper poor.

Jane Straggledor came to his door,
and told him he may have a chance,
if a tiger found romance with an ant,
and elephants learned how to dance.

Angelica Rose wore next to no clothes,
but always looked well dressed to him.
Under a tree, he said how would it be
if you and I went for a swim?

They in the sea, paddled up to the knee,
till merry was life, but a lark.
They stepped further in, disturbed by a fin,
no dolphin it seemed, but a shark.

Angelica Rose, I wish to propose,
one day Barnaby chose to say.
She said, I suppose, but may I wear clothes
like mermaids on my wedding day?

Jenifer Tickle was known to be fickle,
sat on her porch, still held a torch
for Barnaby, and she told all but he,
but her plans she soon had to scorch.


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