Book Review by Simona Snail

Book Review by Simona Snail

I really liked this book.
I really liked the way it was held together
by its cover and its spine,
the way the pages were neatly sized,
the print readable and fine.
I really liked the way it came to an end.
I mean, there were no more pages.
It just finished, which I thought
was really clever.
I mean, you can’t be expected
to sit and read the same book forever.
I really don’t understand why this author
is not as famous as Shakespeare or Dickens,
but perhaps it is because, unlike them,
he is not long dead,
in fact, he’s still alive.
I really like the way some authors
contrive to still survive.
If I were an author,
I’d live on cups of tea and cans of peas,
and write about characters
who did not live here, but somewhere over seas,
and they’d all be happy in the end,
and they’d all live long and well,
for I would want the best for them,
as it would be my tale to tell.
This book has its own page on Amazon,
but this is its first review.
I hope this makes you want to buy it.
If someone writes a book,
I think it is the least that you can do.
I really like the way you don’t have to count
how many pages there are in this book,
as there is a number at the bottom of each one.
There are in fact three hundred and thirty four
pages in this book, I note in a moment gone.
And you don’t have to forget what it’s called, either,
as it has its title at the top of every left hand page.
If you like Harry Potter,
you have probably read those books,
but maybe not this one.
Personally, when I read a book,
I like a pot of tea,
and on my plate, a scone.
Oh, well, enough said is said enough,
as I am sure someone’s grandpa used to say.
Next time I will review another book,
and tell you of other players
in quite a different play.
I really liked the way this book
is divided into chapters.
That way it is not just presented
as one long block of words.
I know you cannot hear them,
but I am now pleasantly distracted
by a bush of nest building birds.
I give this book five stars,
that is all you are allowed.
I would like to give it billions more,
but even then, I fear,
it may get lost among the crowd.


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