Oddypuss the Whale

Oddypuss the Whale

Oddypuss the whale
dived down in the deep,
swam his coral halls,
woke sea horses from sleep.

Human harpoon hunters
saw him not plunge or bask,
to avoid their boats,
he found a simple task.

Liked pipes of dolphins,
the gannet’s fishy smell,
the belching walrus,
clang of the harbour bell.

A sudden island
when he came up for air,
settled on by gulls,
who shrieked without a care.

He did not mind them,
as they flocked on his back,
clearing his blow holes,
kept to his ocean track.

Skin glistening grey,
his life was never drab,
friend of sea urchins,
the porpoise and the crab.

He looked mighty huge
in his stupendous state,
proudly hurled his hump,
splashed the waves with his weight.

Shark paths he knew well,
sunk cities, treasure troves,
ship wrecks forgotten,
and where the sting ray roves.

Tentacuss the squid,
another beast indeed,
likes not a mention,
leave him to breed and feed.


2 thoughts on “Oddypuss the Whale”

  1. I really enjoyed this poem. Just saw seahorses at an aquarium here in Sarasota last week, so I particularly loved your referencing them. I find them to be very special, mythological and yet real. Thanks for your work!

    1. Thank you for your message, Louise. I am glad you like my new attempt at light verse. I am pleased that I can write light verse. It amuses me and, hopefully, others, and I find it a tonic. Yes, there is something magical about sea horses. I like the last verse of my poem, about Tentacuss the squid, who did not want to be mentioned at all.

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