You who have no name
in any human tongue,
listen to me now,
I have made a name for you,
I have written it,
etched it on a stone,
it is for you alone,
and now it can be sung,
I called you Iorquare,
when I first saw you.
More than in my mind,
you turn on your wheel,
the first creation in you I saw,
I understand.
You lifted your star crown
to shine over all the land.
You turned your head of silver scale.
It is up to you they sing from the ocean,
the porpoise, the dolphin and the whale.
Love once woken will never sleep,
and never fail.
Lord and king, guardian
of all who move on four legs
with coats of fur, horn and scale,
larger on the land are you
than the greatest ocean whale.
I sing to you, I bring you now my song.
Take this as a gift, an invocation to your name.
Blessings on you in the new dawn,
glad to see you in such a golden morn.
When we like children come out to play,
all animals and birds are friends, I say,
and all the fishes in the sea.
Upon that which is hidden,
unlatch the window, turn the key.
Your star crown shines,
as you turn on your wheel.
No one else can see you,
but I know you are there,
that you are real.
You grew up, you journeyed far.
Splendid to see you, beyond the scope of fantasy.
Iorquare, that is my name for you, Iorquare.
I am only small, I bow my head,
humble before your mighty majesty,
dumb without words to praise you that far, Iorquare.


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