Moment In The Glass

Moment In The Glass

For an intellectual ant
the evidence is scant.
We know of the busy bee
and the irritating flea,
but I bet the dust
on the wings of a butterfly,
to be what they are,
no insect had to try.

Now the eccentric eel
may befriend a whiskered seal,
and all human wisdom must pale
compared to the deeps
plunged by the whale,
and in a quiz who would win,
the ostrich or the penguin?
The purpose of the porpoise
is not that of the tortoise.
Not only the hippopotamus
is an ignoramus
when it comes to the existence
of the platypus.

A fly stretched forth its two front feelers,
for an eye bat, held them still,
then scraped them together,
lifted its wings and flew off where it will.
I looked for it among its fellows in the grass,
but it was gone, like its moment in the glass.


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