Nothing Is Over

Nothing Is Over

The first rush over, friendship may fade,
people get used to each other,
that is the truth, I’m afraid.
The contact cut, the door is shut,
blocks are broken on the path you made.
But you can still count your blessings,
be thankful you knew them at all.
They never leave you in your memory.
Even if they cannot hear you, wish them well.
Say may they ever rise and never fall.

Street lamp halo comforts on a dark walk home,
though clouds refuse to let you see the stars.
But you know they’re out there, they have not gone,
silence deepens below absence of cars.
On doorsteps milk bottles tinkle, morning comes.
The old tunes he likes the milk man hums.

Nothing is over that you don’t want to end,
even when you see a silent shadow
where once stood your friend.

Piano music paddles through the pools of night,
for all the fools who believe in light,
for those who climbed the ladder to get it right,
who opened windows and then took flight.


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