She Defines Love

She Defines Love

“Love is not practical.
It is not convenient.
It is not realistic.
Often, it is not workable,” she said.
“It makes the heart vulnerable,
the soul open to hurt and scar.
It discloses a large enigma
that the mind puzzles to solve.
It makes fancy think it possible
to sit upon a star.
It is not like a political code
or a philosophical school.
As it is rooted in emotions,
it cannot be said to have a rule.
I have ventured to discuss this,
it has been summoned to my mind,
and I knew that you would listen,
for you are patient, you are kind,
because I feel my boat has shored,
my inside has thawed.
To speak plainly, it is true,
these thoughts arise because I know
I will meet again with you.”

“Does that mean you would still
like to go to the pictures with me on Friday night?”
he asked, a little alarmed,
his thoughts in flight.
“Of course,” she said.
“It should be a good film.
I will be charmed.”


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