To Enter Eden

To Enter Eden

There is a beauty you cannot reach,
a wisdom you cannot teach,
but you can still be glad it is there.
What you can measure you can mark,
find fair figures in the dark,
but what you seek will be what is rare.
Though the true wine you cannot sup,
remember when you looked up
what you saw from the foot of the stair.

There stood a woman and not a ruse,
she had always been your muse,
the pilot on your path on the sea.
When she said your name she knew it well,
that was something you could tell,
woke wonder and the way to be free.
You knew not for you would she tarry,
to the man she would marry
to paradise she would give the key.

Those lost love shadows may haunt your heart,
once open, the pain will start,
fear your mind is clamped in damp despair.
Remember then the lamp you lit,
and let it shine where you sit,
see darkness sweep away from your chair.
You can still strap on your starry shield,
ride your fine horse round a field,
have the gold coin to keep that was spare.

Remember Jacob saw a ladder,
later he built an altar,
when he was in the desert alone.
Not men but angels he knew they were,
down from an arch in the air,
so he etched El Bethel on a stone.
A light lit his shell of bone and skin,
he saw what he held within,
the pattern from the root to the cone.

We pay for the loss of paradise,
could not be a harder price,
but visions of high heaven remain.
And the beauty of which I speak,
the spirit will ever seek,
however weak it will never wane.
No singer sung finer than a bird,
still the poet with the word
strains to enter Eden with no stain.


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