A Seraph’s Smile

A Seraph’s Smile

It took a long time
for the garden to get that wild,
to look like a jungle drawing
crayoned by a child,
for those branches to sprout
from those bushes
my shears did not trim,
but the birds like to perch
and nest there,
so my desire to make them
look more ornamental
is less than slim.
Butterflies, bees, ants and moths
like the natural vegetation
known as weeds.
If I were more like Jethro Burdock,
I would plant more seeds,
grow some rhubarb and cabbage,
down where the caterpillar feeds.

It took a short while
for the juice to vanish from my glass.
Sunshine made me thirsty,
reminds me that summer
is one season you wish not to pass.
The television aerial attached
to the chimney pot stack on the roof
is but a metal perch for the pigeon,
not to mention the crow and the starling.
Gulls sweep in from the sea shore,
to keep me company for a while.
Summer is the season you want to stay,
its blue sky kind to my mind as a seraph’s smile.


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