Word Play

Word Play

I thought a cold caller was an Eskimo
till I found out he was a salesman,
who came to your door, out of the blue,
and tried to sell you something,
like a tooth brush,
it was his way of earning some money
or he had nothing better to do.

Well, all of us can be mistaken.
For example, a can opener
cannot open a can by itself.
You have to help it with your hands,
proving taking words literally
is not always good for your health.

A train driver needs a train to drive in.
In the same way, a submarine periscope engineer
needs to be in a submarine,
and a washing machine repair man
needs a washing machine to mend
to help keep your clothes clean.

A lamp lighter needs lamps to light up,
otherwise he is a lost man with a pole,
and a rock star is not a star made of rock,
but someone who plays rock and roll.

A shop keeper does not keep a shop in his pocket,
nor does a bus conductor
train a bus to play tunes.
An astronaut needs space to explore in his rocket,
otherwise he might as well tap his elbows
and knees with his spoons.

A bird watcher only watches birds
when he can see them.
He does not watch birds all the time,
only if he suffered illusions
and cannot distinguish
between reason and rhyme.

A lorry loader needs a lorry to load,
otherwise he is a disgruntled faced man
with a pile of crates and bundles,
staring vacantly down the length of the road.

Here ends this word play.
Add more, if you may,
for always with words,
there is more to say.


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