There Was Light

There Was Light

There was light before neon,
the electric circuit and switch.
Steadily it shone,
long before the sun, moon and stars
rose from the primal ditch.

And that light you must look for,
without a candle or a lamp,
will shine forever more,
long after the old feudal tribes
have deserted the camp.

Darkness has taken so many,
it is what they prefer.
You try to save them from shadow,
and they ask why you care.

All I can say from what I have gathered,
it is best to follow those who take you up,
who put water not dust in your cup.

When Elijah rose in his chariot,
to ride beyond the rim,
we can imagine his journey,
only in wonder can we follow him.

And when Perseus flew on Pegasus,
his winged white horse,
to save Andromeda from the Kraken,
we will him to succeed,
as we follow his course.

When children we play in the ripe corn field,
it is light we laugh in, for more we look up,
we want water not dust in our cup.


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