Vertical Levitation

Vertical Levitation

Let vertical levitation
lift you from the floor.
You had your invitation
when you came in the door.

Celestial circulation
will provide the sound.
With no true complication
your feet float from the ground.

It is solid as this table,
trusty as this chair.
You know you are still stable,
though you are in the air.

Like the thrower of a hammer,
feel inside a wheel.
Your heart warmer than summer,
nothing stolen left to steal.

Let vertical levitation
allow you the chance
to defy gravitation,
more free than any dance.

So surrender to the vision,
this new sensation greet.
No misinterpretation,
the canvas is complete.

What you learn from your elation
will not be forgot.
Complete your own narration,
put your picture in the slot.

Let vertical levitation
shed scales from your skin
until purification
helps you shine from within.


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