Njord and Skadi

Njord and Skadi

Skadi loved the mountains,
Njord loved the sea.
Where they should be living,
they could not agree.
High above his harbour,
Njord built Noatun,
his palace home for Skadi,
then he turned to her and said:
“Now will you come
and live with me?”

Skadi came from Thrymheim
where thunder has its home.
She cared not for gull cries
or the fall of foam.
She turned to him and said:
“I love to see your ships,
cruising from the coast,
but I miss my bears and eagles,
and the folk that I love most.”

Njord nodded his head and said:
“Then let us spend winter in my palace,
to hear the waves of the icy sea,
and spend summer in the mountains
where you grew wild and free.”
Skadi smiled upon his plan,
to which she was happy to agree.

So it was summer in the mountains,
and winter by the sea.
Njord built a boat for Skadi,
a floating mansion
with masts and sails,
to furrow through the ocean
on the paths of whales.

“Like the albatross of the arctic,
I will fly to you in my winged coat,
and I will live with you by the sea,”
Skadi promised Njord.
“Though I will pine for the mist
on the high horns of the mountains,
and the paths made by the goat.
I will help you put on your silver helmet
and your white cloak,
for I sense your love is strong for me
with roots deep as any oak.”

So they lived for seasons in the mountains,
and seasons by the sea.
Njord and Skadi found a way to be.
Freya was their daughter,
and their son was Frey.
They paddled in the water
in the north lands faraway.


4 thoughts on “Njord and Skadi”

      1. Oh good to know.. I kinda googled Njord and skadi after reading your poem.. I have a thing for mythology

  1. My poem is my version of the Njord and Skadi story, of course. The Elder Edda, A Selection translated by Paul B. Taylor and W. H. Auden, published by Faber and Faber in 1969, is a good book to read if you are interested in Norse mythology.

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