I saw your star ship coming,
as I was entering the door.
A little child was humming,
and rain was watering the shore.
the love I have was sailing
on seas forevermore.

I knew I was not dreaming,
the intervening was to be.
My brown tea pot was steaming,
and glowed with more meaning to me.
Bright Sirius was shining
above my apple tree.

I felt the knots re-tying,
my table expecting to share
space with a guest still flying,
while slow inspecting with care.
Mystic science was knowing
what beauty you can bear.

Orion’s belt was guiding,
as it was glittering and fair.
The time had gone for hiding,
and for sharp splintering a hair.
I felt my face was smiling,
cheerful in my chair.

Time tuned to time transcending,
wheels were unwinding on the floor.
Steep steps we were ascending
for the finding of the core,
and nothing now was failing
to be forevermore.