Mind You Take Care

Mind You Take Care

I fiddle round with chords
with my finger and my thumb.
A squirrel’s acorn hoards,
like my bag of songs to strum.
I hear a hurdy-gurdy
and viola in the air.
Mind you take care.

Attend to lute and lyre,
hear the poet speak the lines,
saved from wreck and fire,
savour them like summer wines.
Some hearts are like a desert,
lost of all they had to share.
Mind you take care.

It’s not just you,
it’s all of us,
scattered fragments everywhere.
Mind you take care.

O, Saint Columba,
let us sail our boats to your shore.
O, Saint Columba,
may we see angels at your door.

Now where did that prayer come from?
Was it waiting way out there?
Mind you take care.

Words are drawn out from me
and they fall like parachutes
or leaves from my self tree,
memory gathers round my roots.
My song is barely woven
when a wind begins to stir.
Mind you take care.


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