October Song For Socrates

October Song For Socrates

So I went for a walk
in the wind and the weather,
a misty, windy walk,
in the month of October.
The earth acorn brown,
and the leaves they were turning,
a blue, smoky gown
rose from twigs that were burning.

Now when wise Socrates,
he went down to the market,
all worldly things to please
tempted him for to buy it,
and he was amazed
to find little he needed,
with joy he was dazed,
like a plant newly seeded.

Wheels were turned by his words.
Spring blue bells I remember,
and the nest building birds,
as light dims to November,
and I had to smile
at boys hunting for conkers,
their dream is a pile
of the fruit from the branches.

So down the road I strode
with no load on my shoulder,
to the bright woodland gold,
and the wind it blew colder.
When the mountains call,
my wings will fledge and feather,
and I’ll leave it all
for the wind and the weather.


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