Lullaby For Bethlehem

Lullaby For Bethlehem

I was told I was part of a war,
to decide which side I fought for.
I laid aside whatever armour I wore,
to be a spirit naked and pure.

Was this the way?
Is this the way we came?
Is that the street?
Or did it have a different name?
How did we get lost?
Who now can we blame?

Remember the flower and the stem,
the lullaby for Bethlehem?

Yes, I do.
And as I ran, I said:
It’s all true. It’s all true.
The world is cold,
still on its slide from its fall.
Some words I recall.

The shepherds hear the angels sing,
bring tidings of a new born king.
Sure as the flower and the stem,
a star shines over Bethlehem.

A child lay in the golden straw,
a mother kneeling down before.

Yes, they are some of the words.
There were more.

He walked upon the waters wide,
he gathered many to his side.

This is the way.
I remember that sign.
Now we know where we are.
So good we are together,
so glad you are mine.
Still there is Bethlehem,
the flower, the stem,
the stable, the star.


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