Song For The Sparrows

Song For The Sparrows

Thank you sparrows for staying,
for not going with swallows and swifts,
for chirping in my garden,
while the cold wheel of winter shifts.

You are taken for granted,
so common, not a surprise to see.
Bird watchers search not for you,
you are not a rare sight on a tree.

Humble and ever alert,
you scout out your kin in the air.
I thought I’d just like to tell you,
I am very glad you are there.

Well, I’m getting myself together,
to reform my one man band,
so I can take any rough weather,
so I can make a strong stand.

Maybe this is the middle,
I don’t know how this story will end.
I listen to the sparrows,
as with rain branches blacken and bend.

This song is for the sparrows,
few are faithful and humble as them.
When you admire the flower,
remember the root and the stem.


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