Ordinary Days

Ordinary Days

I like ordinary days,
when nothing special happens.
No memory of them stays,
forgotten when you draw the curtains.

On ordinary days,
you can get back to normal,
back to customary ways,
relax and not be formal,
mention only the weather
in your journal.

On ordinary days,
nothing much is reported on the news,
you buy no new batteries or shoes.
On ordinary days,
you can focus on your crossword clues.

Most of the days in your life
are ordinary days,
so in them you should find pleasure.
Some are winter grey,
others summer blue,
each one a gem treasure.

When I look down at my feet,
I see my path, clear and narrow,
for my journey to complete,
learn a lesson from the sparrow,
sat content upon a branch,
free of the fields to harrow.

On ordinary days,
you have time for dreams,
to wish they will come true.
On ordinary days,
my dream is to spend
each one of them with you.


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