There’s turbulence in tranquillity,
unfairness in equality,
endings in eternity,
oneness in duality,
blatant wealth in poverty,
good health in obesity,
simplicity in complexity,
felicity in morbidity,
barrenness in fecundity,
fantastic fields in reality.
Concentration makes you aware
of opposites that make composites
You do not need a dictionary
to find what is self explanatory.

When Leo Tolstoy wrote War and Peace,
his concentration did not cease
till it was ready for publication.
Though I’ve only read it in translation,
I offer my congratulation
for its novel innovation.
Now I see it is to be on B.B.C. television
as a drama serialisation
to entertain the nation,
all thanks to concentration.
Whatever you do, you need concentration
with no distraction,
to find stillness in inaction,
speed in speculation,
data in detection,
votes in election,
till what you have done
is ready for inspection,
then comes the reward of relaxation
you can afford without taxation.
To end on a simple note:
“Love Conquers All,” as Geoffrey Chaucer wrote.




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