Talking About The Times

Talking About The Times

My parents found me under a rhubarb leaf
at the bottom of the garden.
At least, that’s what they told me.
My friends in the play ground
listened and believed me.
Talking about the times
when I hardly knew a thing,
before my life took wing.

Tomato sauce has lost its tomato tang.
Everything’s watered down these days.
Talking about the times,
the cold, spiky wheel of crimes,
funeral tolls, wedding chimes,
walking through the broken ways.

Talking about the times
on the trains and in the coffee bars.
Some wonder who will be next
to leave the stage
to shine on among the stars.
There’s more to the future
than robot production and smarter cars.

Talking about the times
when life seemed as it was meant to be,
when I almost turned the key,
though much was still a mystery.
Talking about the times
that I may not get to see.
Talking about the times
I was all set to be free.


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