Top Twenty Hit

Top Twenty Hit

There was a time when you were just everywhere,
then you were brushed away like dust from a stair.
Now you’re gone, I eat my scone in my comfy chair,
I feel complete as I tap my feet,
happy as a bee, like a flea that finds honey in my hair.

No, that will not do,
I have no clue how that came to me.
People may like the tune,
but the words are cold
and shallow as a spoon.
Got to use my wit
to try to write a top twenty hit,
get someone famous to sing my song,
then I’ll know wherever I go,
it will be the place where I belong,
like Samson, I will be strong.

If I could write a great top twenty hit,
I’d be offered so many chairs,
I would not know where to sit,
and if it became a standard,
like Stardust by Hoagy Carmichael,
I would out run a taxi down the street,
but he beat me to it a long time ago,
got to work on that ballad, deep and slow.

May your plane lift gently from the air port,
fly calmly through the clouds,
your pilot wear a white tooth smile like Superman.
Now there’s a start, it might please the crowds.


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