An Obervation

An Observation

To begin.
An observation.
Landscape painting and nature poetry.
They have this in common,
an absence of humans.
In that way they are kin.
Birds and animals
are naturally present in both,
but to hint at contradiction,
if humans are there on the canvas,
it seems only to suggest space,
distance, emphasise
the height of a tree,
the farness of a hill,
and if there on the page,
maybe some movement
when all else is still,
a farm boy idles by a hay cart,
an old villager performs some rural task.
Away from the city,
life is seen with no shelter,
its face with no mask.
But to live the painting
needs an observer,
the poem a reader.
To end.
Nature is what it is.
Unlike humans,
it is direct, honest,
can never pretend.


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