Baleclaw the Dragon

Baleclaw the Dragon

Why should a dragon be fearless
when they are so scarce?
Better to be wily and cautious,
especially when you have
enough gold in your purse.
With his tail coiled
in a serpentine S,
just how old was the worm
even he could not guess.
Deep near the roots of Dark Mountain,
in his cave he had no mind to be brave.
His hoard, once the treasure of kings,
ship burial cargo they took to the grave,
makes his rust red, orange eyes
with lust water and gleam,
the delight of his wakefulness,
the bliss of his dream.
Thought it fortunate that humans
now dismissed him as myth,
he chuckled and grinned,
as he took the air on a cliff.
Baleclaw the dragon his name.
Obscurity he finds preferable
to the intrusions of fame.


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