Need Knot Not What

Need Knot Not What

Retie a knot and what have you got?
Work out a plot and you are left with what is not.
With a line and a rod,
a cup of good wine, it is fine,
to say you a not just out
for a float in your boat on the ocean,
as if in a play, you can say,
you are fishing for God.
No one may believe you.
Do not grieve, in time they will leave you,
and you will be left with the same questions
you asked in your youth.
It is not wise to think age
brings you closer to truth.
We are all out in our boats,
far from the shore,
saying, if I give you less,
will you give me more?

The bracken brown stag with his antlers
rises from the slopes of the mountain,
and calls for his mate in the mist.
Meanwhile, come here and hear
the old pummelled, bruised boxer,
lent back in his public house corner,
lament that he can no longer
make his fortune with his fist.

Untie a knot and what have you got?
A piece of string made to tie up a thing,
everything disappearing to the last dot.

Need knot not what and what have you got?
An ink spot that leaks to a blot,
a copper leaf that curls and crinkles to rot.
A tangle of words untied
may spell well what
twisted thought tried to hide.



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