Breaking Through The Screens

Breaking Through The Screens

Unfortunate directions,
why do they exist,
and earthly temptations,
we are told to resist?
Looking back, I see wrong paths,
mistakes I have made,
those long laughs now seem hollow,
but true smiles never fade.
I still dress as I did then,
in summer in T-shirt and jeans,
wait for high ones from elsewhere
to break through the screens.

I cannot imagine their faces
or what they will say,
but once they are here,
I will want them to stay.
They will sail from a vast place
of ocean and air.
Beyond the first meeting,
I cannot go there.
You cannot go back to then
to when it was fine.
You can only remember,
this side of the line.

The old invocations,
the long forgotten words,
they once meant something,
were piped by the birds.
Once in a castle gatehouse,
a youth sat by a fire,
told tales with more magic than
Orpheus played on his lyre.
But I could not hear him,
at the window I stood.
Though the door was bolted,
that moment was good.
There was juice in the stone,
and sap in the wood.

What do I wake now?
I am still on the search
for what it all means,
wait for the true teachers
to break through the screens.
I know it will not be,
though my vision cleans,
I can still summon them,
come breaking through the screens.


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