Wandering Minstrels

Wandering Minstrels

How did we get here?
Why did we come here at all?
At least this is the lane
that leads up the hill to the hall.
Are we too old now
to be wandering minstrels?
But it is all we can do.
Remember when we sang
to the sparrows and no one knew?
Like a raindrop on a reed,
we are here and gone.
While we are here,
we play for your pleasure, everyone.
That is my new introduction.
As always we’ll end,
after a few dance tunes,
with our bright benediction.
The lord of this hall puts good food
and mead on the table
for anyone who entertains him well, they say.
So let us go up there,
unsling our instruments, sing and play.
Was that just a wolf
or a boar we saw in the wood?
You do not know what you will meet
in strange lands like these,
sometimes you can come to no good.
Play a few notes on hurdy gurdy and flute,
while I tune up my lute.
Come now, unpack your horns,
viols, bells and drums.
Listen, an owl calls from that high tower
as nightfall comes.
Let us hope as we come from afar,
the lord and his company
have not heard our tales and lays before.
Now I knock at the door.



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