It happened here,
it really did.
All time in a casket,
so lift the lid.
Forget about your eyes,
see what was hid.
What are these winged creatures,
lions and bulls?
They surround the altar,
guards of the temple,
shields of the fortress
on Megiddo hill.
See the helmets and rings,
and where it says,
I Huram carved these things.
Battle to bring the end
will happen here, they say.
It may happen still.
The one who is victor,
to defend this hill fortress,
shall be king of the east,
and in time, the south, north and west,
such were the words of the prophet priest.
So from the deserts,
mountain vales and hills,
kings came with their armies,
strange banners, chariots, swords and spears,
catapulted fire stones
against the high walls of the Megiddo fortress,
fought on the plain, camped by the waters.
A young Pharaoh came
from the land of bold builders,
warrior sons, dark eyed daughters.
What does it tell you?
What now do you know?
Like others who came to Megiddo,
we come to go.
If I had a harp,
I would tell the tale on the strings,
but can you tell me,
who knows what the bittern sings?
Remember, I told you,
I will not always be there.
Now false gold they sold you
you bring home from the fair.
I will not scold you
as you dish out my share.
Can only say in the future,
try to take more care.
Now where did that come from?
Where did that go?
A shepherd boy plays his pipes
on the bare slopes of Megiddo.


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