My poem, Still the Dawn, published in The Dawntreader.

DSCN0310.JPGMy poem, Still the Dawn, has been published in The Dawntreader, a quarterly poetry magazine, published by Indigo Dreams Publishing, issue 034 Spring 2016, I am very pleased to say. Searching For The Sangreal, The Fair Majesty of Folk at Peace, Sigurd, Windmill and Rainbow and Blodeuwedd are the titles of my poems that were published in previous issues of The Dawntreader. Still the Dawn is the title poem of my book published in October, 2015: Still the Dawn: Poems and Ballads. More about Still the Dawn: Poems and Ballads, and my other two books, Angel War and Klubbe the Turkle and the Golden Star Coracle, can be found on my website:

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5 thoughts on “My poem, Still the Dawn, published in The Dawntreader.”

  1. I stumbled across this because I was trying to see if there was a list of all the poems in this issue of The Dawntreader — one of mine’s in there too. Interestingly, it’s inspired by Blodeuwedd, like yours from last year. Clearly we’re on the same wavelength here! (At least… I think it is. I submitted a loooong time ago, and I’m pretty sure the one they accepted was “Lullaby For Lleu”, but I have to confess I’m not 100% sure. Hence why I was looking for a list of the poems.)

    1. Hello, Miriam. Your poem, Lullaby For Lleu, is on page 21 of The Dawntreader issue 034 Spring 2016. I was pleased to see the name Lleu in the title. Must be a poem inspired by the tale of Math Son of Mathonwy from The Mabinogion, like my poem, Blodeuwedd, I thought. I enjoyed reading your poem. I thought it was really good. My poem, Blodeuwedd, appeared on page 21 of The Dawntreader 030 Spring 2015. I am sure Dawn Bauling, the editor of The Dawntreader, will have some copies left of the new issue, if you want to order one.

      1. Thanks for the reply! I’m a subscriber, but have had no post today — maybe it’ll come soon?

        My harp is called Blodeuwedd, because it has an owl carved into it. Mabinogion nerds unite.

      2. Maybe you will like this. The Forming of Blodeuwedd by Robin Williamson, once a member of The Incredible String Band, from Songs of Love and Parting, released in 1982. Robin Williamson plays the harp, too.
        Meadowsweet and may thorn flower
        With bliss detain
        Chestnut bloom and nettle flower
        With blush to sting
        Tares of the field and yellow broom
        All flesh to cling
        Oak bield and the vine’s red bloom
        Of kisses fain
        Come wanton as the pale primrose
        That brings the spring

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