Found or Lost

Found or Lost

You can go anywhere and not need a map,
and still be lost.
You can root in your pocket and laugh,
say you must have dropped your compass
somewhere back down the path,
but it does not matter,
you are always sure of your direction,
and still be lost.
You can live in the same house all your life,
commute every week, know the name
of every station on the underground,
and still be lost,
not know where you are bound.
In politics you can become a player,
be sociable, join many groups,
do the party rounds, and still be lost.
There is no in between,
you are found or lost,
and if you fail to find yourself,
there is a cost.
And you can only know that when you are found.
Only then you can look back and know you were lost.
There is the snag.
How do you know if there is no one to tell you
if you are found or lost?
When you feel solid, sure, you know you are found,
and you can look back and see you had your routine,
but nothing more.
Your head was empty, your shadow thin,
you had memories, but nothing more within.
You know that you were lost.
When you feel found, you feel solid,
you have things to do.
The day is not long enough to do it all.
The trick is to stay found, and not be lost again.
You think of the time you nearly had it nailed,
then when you went down to the harbour,
you saw your ship had sailed.
You felt no more than a bony structure,
not done enough to have failed.
But you feel alive now, your mind active,
you respond to every sound.
You remember how it was when you were lost
only because you are found.


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