If I Had

If I Had

If I had two humps on my back like a camel,
I’d be a camel.
If I had been in Star Wars as Luke Skywalker like Mark Hamill,
I’d be Mark Hamill.
If I had a long neck and webbed feet like a swan,
I’d be a swan.
If I had been baked with flour and currants like a scone,
I’d be a scone.
If I had been given the ability to hee-haw like a donkey,
I’d be a donkey.
If I had the skill to swing in the jungle like a monkey,
I’d be a monkey.
If I had been given stripes like a zebra,
I’d be a zebra.
If I had horns on my head like a goat,
I’d be a goat.
If I was heavy on my feet and extinct like a brontosaurus,
I’d be a brontosaurus.
If I had whiskers and tusks like a walrus,
I’d be a walrus.
If I was oddly shaped and mythical like a wyvern,
I’d be a wyvern.
If I called cuckoo in an orchard in summer like a cuckoo,
I’d be a cuckoo.
If I buzzed around a hive making honey like a bee,
I’d be a bee.
So it is simple really.
I found out who I would be,
if I was not me.



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