Relegation Blues

Relegation Blues

You’re going down, facing relegation,
should have played out of your skins all season,
it will be a miracle if you save yourselves in the last seven games,
some players have not played hard enough,
the press and the fans know your names.
Every season three teams come up,
three teams go down,
only one team can wear the Premiership crown.
That’s life. There’s winners and losers,
you cannot break the chain,
stop the motion of the wheel.
You cannot fully grasp it yet
but your relegation’s real.
You will not lose much money,
not lose much sleep,
but relegation will tell on you,
your good name you did not keep.
Your manager may resign
if he does not get the sack,
all those matches that you lost
you’ll see when you’re looking back.
Fans want spirit and inspiration,
not defeat and relegation.
Was it skill or motivation you lack?
You take your fans and your city
down with your relegation,
and the dust on your reputation.
Would not like to be in your shoes
when you hear the cold chords of those relegation blues.


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