Willy Wart Wanders Ways

Willy Wart Wanders Ways

Willy Wart wearied of W way, wended K way.
Knew Ken Knotty Knuckle kidnapped Kate Kitty Kedge,
kept her in a kennel in Kaloong Kampong.
Knew where he kept key in kittiwake knapsack on Knobbly Knar.
Kremlin kraken, through Kafka’s kaleidoscope,
watched Willy Wart keel towards kennel keep of Kate Kitty Kedge.
Saw Kate Kitty Kedge kiss keepsake while she knitted kangaroo.
Knowing knight knowledge, Willy Wart rescued kept in kennel
Kate Kitty Kedge.
With her fled as kin to kindred kingdom, pursued by Kremlin kraken.
Escaped just in time for jolly japes in J way.
Met Jasper Jeans in Juggernaut jeep at jazz jamboree.
Jenny Jemadar in jest gave them both a juvenile jut jerkin
as they ate Jaffa jades in jim jams.
Jurassic Jezebel, judo juggler, jeered they jinxed her Jacobean Jaguar.
“Juxtapose a juxtaposition,” japed Jeremy Jay, jolly judge,
judging them jubilant in his judiciary.
Journal of Juddering Jubilee jousted them on a journey.
Willy Wart jerked a jewel in jest after a jug and a jig,
got lost in Jumble Jungle with Kate Kitty Kedge.
By chance they zapped into a Zanzibar zookeeper in Z way
where they zipped into zinc Zodiac,
zoomed into a zany zebra, went from zenith to zero.
When returned to W way, Willy Wart was hero.
Meanwhile, all the while, Kremlin kraken
still searched for Willy Wart and Kate Kitty Kedge
through Kafka’s kaleidoscope, for he bit behind time lagged.


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